Who we are

We believe experience is important and gives confidence in our ability to do a good job for our clients.

Alington Ruthin comprises two advisers, Nicholas Randall and Edward Maxwell who have over 45 years combined experience in helping individuals manage their private wealth. The front of house team is completed with Victoria Randall-Hollins and Sara Miller. We have offices in Manchester and Ruthin, North Wales.

We are experienced advisers providing bespoke wealth management services for private individuals, trusts and personal pensions.

We believe that no two individuals are the same and our approach to helping you achieve your investment goals reflects this belief. We also believe

  • In the need for our clients to have a direct relationship with the individual who has oversight of their assets.
  • That experience is vital to give confidence in our ability to help you achieve your goals.
  • A client’s interests should be at the centre of our approach and our independence helps this aim.
  • That staying loyal to our expertise is important – providing investment management solutions is our core discipline and therefore the majority of our resource is dedicated to looking after the needs of private clients.

With this in mind, we also believe that the best fund managers are often ‘off the menu’ for the large wealth management firms as they are restricted by liquidity to mass market funds. In our portfolios, we provide exposure to potentially higher quality, lesser -known and or harder to discover funds than private clients typically have exposure to.

It is our opinion that a portfolio consisting of specialist mangers based around the world and focusing on specific sectors, geographies or asset classes is likely to perform better than the London based generalist approach typical of the wealth management industry.