Terms and Conditions

Our custodian services are provided by Third Platform Services


These are the terms and conditions that relate to the services.

Alington Ruthin Stockbrokers and Investment Management

Private Client Terms & Conditions

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Final Terms Conditions (.PDF 247KB)

Table of Contents

Section A – General Terms

  1. Introduction
  2. Purposes of These Terms
  3. Our Agreement with You
  4. Client Classification
  5. Your Right to Cancel
  6. Opening an Account with Us
  7. Joint Accounts
  8. Company, Trust, Partnership, Charity, Association or Other Entity Accounts
  9. Account Holder Liability for Joint, Trust, Partnership, Charity, Association or Other Entity Accounts
  10. Keeping us up-To-date with any changes; Information about you
  11. Keeping us Up-To-Date with Any Changes; Information About You
  12. Instructions and Communication
  13. Risks of Using Email or Other Electronic Communication
  14. Online Access to Your Account and Risks of Using Our Website
  15. Liability for Instructions
  16. Using Your Personal Information
  17. Record Keeping and Recording of Calls
  18. Our Anti-Money Laundering Responsibilities
  19. Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  20. Disclosure of Information
  21. Our Liability
  22. Overseas Regulations
  23. Tax and Legal Advice
  24. Client Protection
  25. Complaints
  26. Our Charges and Other Costs Payable by You
  27. Termination
  28. Consequences of Termination and Charges
  29. Incapacity and Power of Attorney
  30. Death of a Client
  31. Risk Warning
  32. Services Definition
  33. Investment Objectives
  34. Definitions of Risk
  35. Basis of Dealing and Best Execution
  36. Client Money Custody Arranged Through Us and Making the Client's Own Custody Arrangements.
  37. ISA Terms

Section B – Conflicts of Interest Policy

  1. Overview
  2. Employee Dealing
  3. Gifts and Hospitality

Section C - Terms for Administering your Investments with Our Custodian, Third Platform Services Limited

Section D - Terms for Administering Your Stocks and Shares ISA by the Plan Manager Third Platform Services Limited