How we work

Our first meeting – what happens when you meet us for the first time?

We offer you an initial meeting (without charge) at which we will describe our investment management services more fully and explain the payment options.

If you decide that you would like our help and input, we will:

  • Gather and analyse personal and financial information about you, your aims and objectives using our ‘Know your client form’, risk profile document, from talking to you and asking you questions about what you want to achieve.
  • We will then recommend and discuss any action we think you should take and, if you instruct us, arrange relevant solutions for you.

At our first meeting we will need to fully understand your finances and wider circumstances in order to ensure we can make appropriate recommendations. In this meeting we will:

  • Give you a business card
  • Confirm the status of our investment management services; Our Discretionary investment management services are neither ‘independent’ nor ‘restricted’, as defined by the Retail Distribution Review, since these labels apply only to Advisory services. Our advisory investment services are classed as ‘restricted’ services, since they are designed specifically for investors seeking specialist expertise and advice on investments and investment portfolios.
  • Discuss how we are paid for our services and the type of service you require.
  • Provide you with our client agreement, terms and conditions.
  • Advise you to review the information on our website.
  • Assess your current position, needs and objectives by completing a ‘Know your client’ form.
  • Assess your attitude to, and understanding of “risk” by completing our risk tolerance document.
  • Provide you with a copy of our ‘Risk Categories Explained’ Document.
  • Establish any time scales for our report and recommendations.
  • Agree an action plan.
  • There is no cost for this initial meeting.

Conducting our research and providing our recommendations

Following this meeting and if you agree, we will begin our research and review work.

In most cases there will be a significant amount of work to do between the first meeting and the subsequent meeting where we present our recommendations. There is no charge for preparing our recommendations.

This process covers the:

  • Gathering of information about your existing financial arrangements and personal circumstances where you have not already provided these.
  • Understanding of your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk.
  • Insight into your personal financial situation, including investment knowledge, experience, wishes and objectives.
  • Understanding of your ability to bear loss.
  • Risk attitude concerns itself with the risk you as an individual are willing to take, it is subjective and based on one’s personal opinion.
  • Capacity for loss considers the risk you can afford to take and may vary more as your personal circumstances change.
  • It is closely linked to a numeric/financial assessment of both net asset and expenditure – building a clear picture of your ability to withstand unexpected loss or shortfall.
  • In simple terms, capacity for loss represents the amount one can afford to lose before your standard of living is impacted and/or you become concerned.
  • Recommendation of an investment strategy that matches your risk profile and investment objectives, and suitability of the recommendation.
  • A suitability assessment any of you existing investments to be retained.
  • Arranging a subsequent meeting to explain and discuss our recommendations and show how this relates to your circumstances.

Our Subsequent Meeting
At our subsequent meeting, we will:

  • Review the recommendation letter with you so that we confirm the personal information and objectives gathered at our initial meeting is correct.
  • Explain how we arrived at the recommendations and how they will meet your objectives.
  • Explain all of the terms and conditions applicable to our recommendations, including all costs, benefits and risks.
  • Help you to complete any forms necessary.
  • Detail any cancellation periods.

Ongoing service and Reviews
We will now have established if you wish to become a client. We will arrange to open an account with our custodian and manage the transfer process.

From the point onwards when you instruct us, we will be providing an ongoing service to you

We will agree with you the frequency of future reviews. You have unlimited contact with your investment manager on an ongoing basis by phone, meetings or email.You will review your investments via the online portal.

If you have a complaint
If you wish to register a complaint, please write to The Compliance Officer. A summary of our internal complaints handling procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints is available on request and if you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.