What we do

The first step is to meet with you and talk about your current position, needs and concerns. This will enable us to develop a general strategy with you, taking account of your preferences and objectives.

In doing so we will explain the characteristics of the different investments and their suitability to you.

Our platform offers investment management services on a discretionary basis across a client’s personal portfolio, ISA investments and a self-invested personal pension. We also run portfolios for trustees.

We believe that the best fund managers are often ‘off the menu’ for large wealth management firms as they are restricted by liquidity to mass market funds. In our portfolios, we provide exposure to potentially higher quality, lesser -known and or harder to discover funds than private clients typically have exposure to. We also believe that a portfolio consisting of specialist mangers based around the world and focusing on specific sectors, geographies or asset classes is likely to perform better than the London based generalist approach typical of the wealth management industry

You will be able to view your investments online and we will keep you regularly up to date with our thinking through regular meetings and phone calls.