Schedule of charges

The Retail Distribution review or ‘RDR’ was introduced in January 2013. The purpose of the RDR, amongst other things, was to ensure transparency of fees and the basis on which clients receive their advice.

The basis on which we provide our advice.

Our ‘discretionary’ investment management services are classifed as neither ‘independent’ nor ‘restrictied’, as definedby the Retail Distribution Review, since these labels apply only to Advisory services.

Schedule of Charges

Our tailored investment platform services are transparent and competitively priced.

Discretionary portfolio management fees

This service offers discretionary management of a investment portfolio where the instruments selected within the portfolio are designed to suit your preferences.

This may involve one of our five model investment strategies to manage your portfolio without any individual customization.

We have full authority to buy or sell investments without coming back to you each time for your instructions.

  •  First £1m         0.65% per annum
  • Next £1m          0.50% per annum
  • Next £3m          0.45% per annum
  • Related portfolios aggregated for charging purposes
  • VAT applicable, fee levied quarterly in arrears
  • Administration fee of £35 per transaction

The assets within the discretionary portfolio will also be subject to safe custody fees as follows;

Safe Custody fees

  • Up to £10m          0.12% per annum
  • Related portfolios aggregated for charging purposes
  • VAT not applicable, fee levied quarterly in arrears

This means that for a £500,000 portfolio, a client will incur the following annual fee;

  • Discretionary portfolio management £500,000 *0.65%                            £3,250
    • Plus VAT                                                                                                     £650
    • Safe Custody fee £500,000 *0.12%                                                      £600
    • Total Annual Fee                                                                                      £4,500

If the client undertakes 10 transactions during a year, then the total cost will rise by £350 (10 x£35)

The fee includes the cost of administration, custody and online access to the portfolio, as well as ongoing investment platform services and regular meetings.

For illustrative purposes only. The actual transaction activity per portfolio may differ depending on individual circumstances.

Rates and applicability of taxes such as VAT and stamp duty may vary in line with changes to UK law.

Where ongoing/recurring fees are calculated as a percentage of a portfolio or transaction value, then future fees will fluctuate in line with changes in asset values.  In the case of a rising portfolio, this will result in ongoing fees increasing over time.

You may cancel the ongoing service you receive at any time. If you  wish to cancel your account and transfer to another firm there may be transfer fees. You may also be liable for any fees, costs, charges or expenses that have accrued to the date of termination.